Laser Nanofactory

Femtosecond laser hybrid micro-fabrication workstation

Our Laser Nanofactory combines additive and subtractive manufacturing

Just imagine all the possibilities that can be achieved by combining these techniques in a single system!

laser nanofactory large

State of the art manufacturing

Simultaneous motion of galvo and servo axes over the entire working field
(110 x 110 x 60 mm).

Uses femtosecond laser, with tunable parametres.

Allows customer to modify system according to specific needs and requirements.

Ultra short laser pulses allow extremely high intensities – very clean ablation edges can be reached.

Provides stitching error free manufacturing without sacrificing the speed or the quality.

Combines two different 3D fabrication technologies: additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Enables the fabrication of micro-nano structures using wide range of materials.

Typical working speed - 15 mm/s (up to 50 mm/s).

Integrates nano-structures into existing micro- or macro- structures (in- situ).

Perfect for producing arbitrary high- resolution 3D microstructures.


State of the art manufacturing