FEMTIKA is the spin-off from Vilnius University Laser Research Centre

About femtika

Hybrid (additive & subtractive) micro-fabrication tools and services

Femtika‘s goal — to supply growing worldwide demands of available tools and technologies enabling true 3D laser fabrication, with custom design components in micro- and sub micro scale.

Design and poduction of custom 3D laser precision processing systems

Fabrication of 3D micro- and nano-structures using femtosecond laser, rapid replication of laser produced 2D and 2.5D structures.

Controlling tools, accessories, software and materials

Our projects

Cooperation and R&D

Susijęs vaizdas


Innovators in femtosecond laser technologies

Company is proud of it‘s world class specialists with deep working knowledge in the area of laser micro-machining, polymerization and optical solutions.


Professionals working to create the best femtosecond laser solutions 


Research projects on different types of microstructures every year


Of our production is exported to Japan, Switzerland, France and etc.